SIFORDI = C4D (Communication for Development)

Social marketing and mobilisation in the 21st century

My second presentation for the DEVC208 module (Social marketing and mobilisation) of the UPOU master’s programme on Development Communication is all about social marketing and mobilisation in the 21st century. … Continue reading

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Barriers to effective communication

MODULE 7. BARRIERS TO EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION OBJECTIVES By the end of this module, you should be able to: explain why a communicator must understand the different barriers to effective communication; list … Continue reading

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Social marketing vs. social media marketing

The more I learn about social marketing, the more I realise how wrong a lot of people are. “Social marketing” is recently most often misconstrued as “social media marketing” . … Continue reading

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Communication media

MODULE 6. COMMUNICATION MEDIA OBJECTIVES At the end of the first part of this module, you should be able to: give the advantages and limitations of the various communication media; … Continue reading

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Media effects survey report

This survey intended to measure the effect of the media on the public as partial completion of my DEVC202 (Development Communication Concepts and Approaches) class under the UPOU MA Development … Continue reading

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Magazine on social problems

The first teacher-marked assignment (TMA) in DEVC202 called for a scrapbook of social problems monitored by us, students. Here’s my monitored social problems in the news, online and offline, coupled … Continue reading

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Understanding the Communication process

MODULE 5. Overview and Process of Communication OBJECTIVES By the end of this module, you should be able to: define communication; explain the elements of communication; explain how communication takes … Continue reading

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The social marketing environment

Analysing the social marketing environment is quite important in the pursuit of a successful social marketing program. The goal of the module dedicated to this is to teach us how … Continue reading

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What is the media’s effect on you?

Will you help me out in completing an assignment on the effects of the media? Click on the image below to answer the survey. If that does not work, follow … Continue reading

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Of blind men and paradigms

MODULE 4. OF BLIND MEN AND PARADIGMS OBJECTIVES After studying this module, the student should be able to: enumerate the four major paradigms through which the problem of underdevelopment is analyzed; … Continue reading

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Understanding social marketing

The third module of DEVC208 tackles what social marketing is. I found this quite educational because before this lesson, I usually related social marketing to a combination of social media … Continue reading

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What is development?

MODULE 3. WHAT IS DEVELOPMENT? OBJECTIVES After studying this module, you should be able to: define development; describe the “Three Development Decades”; enumerate the conditions necessary for development as given … Continue reading

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