SIFORDI = C4D (Communication for Development)


Master of Development Communication

The Master of Development Communication is a 2 1/2 -year graduate degree program designed to provide communication professionals with a firm foundation in development communication theory and the necessary skills in development communication work. The program was developed in cooperation with the College of Development Communication, UP Los Baños.

Program goals
Upon completion of the program, students are expected to be able to:
•    Apply the principles and approaches of development communication in their work;
•    Design, produce, and evaluate communication materials and programs;
•    Conceptualize and conduct applied communication research; and
•    Practice the values of a development communicator.

The program consists of a total of 30 units of course work, of which 21 units are major courses (see below) and 9 units are electives.

DEVC 202 | Development Communication Concepts and Approaches (3units)
A survey course on development communication traditions, theories, principles, and approaches

DEVC203 | Cultural and Critical Theories and Frameworks in Media and Mass Communication
Concepts, frameworks, and constructs of cultural and critical theories and studies on media and communication focusing on culture and its creation of meanings and identities, the relationship of high and mass cultures, and the role of mass media in creating and maintaining power and social relationships

DEVC 204 | Communication Research and Evaluation (3 units)
Introduction to the process and methods of communication research, pre-testing and evaluation of communication materials, and evaluation of communication programs and projects
(Prerequisite: DEVC 202 or consent of instructor)

DEVC 206 | Print and Broadcast Production (3 units)
The processes and techniques of print and radio broadcast development communication materials production from conceptualization, design and preparation to utilization

DEVC 207 | Multimedia Production
Development Communication Materials (3 units)

DEVC 208 | Communication, Social Marketing and Social Mobilization (3 units)
Application of communication, marketing and other social science paradigms, strategies, concepts, principles and practices in promoting and mobilizing people for developmental programs, ideas and products

DEVC 242 | Communication and Media in the ASEAN Context (3 units)
The role of communication programs, information and communications technologies, mass media and media systems in the development and evolution of the ASEAN.

DEVC 263 | Communication of Scientific and Technical Information (3 units)
Retrieving, processing and interpreting scientific and technical information for the utilization of scientists, educators, and other knowledge linkers

DEVC 300 | Master’s Thesis (6 units)
Investigation, elaboration and analysis of development communication concepts and phenomena employing any one  of the following methodological traditions: positivist research, evaluation, research, or media studies.

Source: UPOU


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