SIFORDI = C4D (Communication for Development)

Wrap it up!

Social marketing and mobilisation revolves around changing a behaviour. To launch a campaign that is aimed at such is not so easy since one is already faced with a question … Continue reading

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How safe is your sex life?

It is almost the end of the term for DEVC208 (Social marketing and mobilisation) and every group is assigned a project. Group B1 is focusing on promoting safe sex to … Continue reading

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Working together for social good

Our professor Ms Melinda Bandalaria called social marketing and mobilisation the heart of development communication. And she may just be right as any development communication programme may never be successful … Continue reading

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Social marketing and mobilisation in the 21st century

My second presentation for the DEVC208 module (Social marketing and mobilisation) of the UPOU master’s programme on Development Communication is all about social marketing and mobilisation in the 21st century. … Continue reading

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Social marketing vs. social media marketing

The more I learn about social marketing, the more I realise how wrong a lot of people are. “Social marketing” is recently most often misconstrued as “social media marketing” . … Continue reading

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The social marketing environment

Analysing the social marketing environment is quite important in the pursuit of a successful social marketing program. The goal of the module dedicated to this is to teach us how … Continue reading

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Understanding social marketing

The third module of DEVC208 tackles what social marketing is. I found this quite educational because before this lesson, I usually related social marketing to a combination of social media … Continue reading

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Communication for development

This was quite a long chapter to study. We’ve tackled the models and approaches in communication for development in this module with the following goals: 1. Discuss the different communication … Continue reading

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Social change, social problems and development

You learn something every day if you pay attention.  ~Ray LeBlond My first presentation for DEVC208 (Social marketing and mobilization) is about social change, social problems and development. The objectives … Continue reading

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Presenting from a distance

When the student is ready, the master appears.  ~Buddhist Proverb It is my first time to follow a fully online degree course. I have followed many online courses before but … Continue reading

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