SIFORDI = C4D (Communication for Development)



Hi, I’m Chared.  I just recently (June 2013) went back to the university to complete a master’s degree on Development Communication and this blog is related to that study. Next to my study, I work as full time communications manager, is a freelance journalist and a company owner.


There are many available and long definitions of development communication but I would like to simplify it to communication for social change. I took up this course because I feel that even in my many years in journalism, my BA, I do not completely understand the roots of social issues. And if we do not understand the problem, we cannot address or suggest solutions to the problem. I believe that development is a topic that is always appropriate in our ever-changing world and communication an important tool in the pursuit of this. To learn more about this course, visit the curriculum page.


This blog was borne out of the need to have a home for the activities of the study I’m following. One professor required us to keep a journal as a result of the activity sheets she provided. As I am following an online course, I supposed it is better to feed the contents of my journal in a blog. It will be easier for her to follow and for me to update. Later, I decided to add all my reports and assignments related to other courses in this blog. I’m glad to have thought of this early on, otherwise, I would have needed to do a lot of catching up. I wish I started blogs for every study I followed as it is quite an experience to look back on.

SIFORDI is the made-up spelled-out word of C4D, the abbreviation for Communication for Development.


I try to update this blog as much as I can, I wish I could write everyday but certainly, there’s something here every week.


I’m based in the Netherlands where this blog is being updated at the moment.


My study is fully online and facilitated by the University of the Philippines Open University Faculty of Information and Communication Studies.


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