SIFORDI = C4D (Communication for Development)

Generating visuals for communication materials

Creating one’s own graphics for communication materials is only as difficult as one wants it to be. Our third FIC (faculty-in-charge)-marked assignment for DEVC207 (Multimedia Communication) called for the creation of a poster that carries one’s own graphics. It took me a while to come up with the idea of a poster related to my study (Development Communication). While enjoying the abundance of the holidays, the victims of typhoon Yolanda remained at the back of my head. I kept thinking: ‘what could they be having for Christmas?’ And ‘we should not forget them!’ So I came up with this poster:


This is all part of a school assignment but if Filipino artists will take the call, Valentine’s Day would be a perfect day to share the love and do it with music! Who knows, social mobilization might just take care of itself. The title is a variation of the Nobel prize-winning novel Love in the Time of Cholera. This poster can be downloaded for free but not to be amended. Share if you must.

All graphics in this poster are my own using Adobe Illustrator while the layout was made in Adobe InDesign. Want to learn how to make a perfect heart? Drop me a line.#


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