SIFORDI = C4D (Communication for Development)

Realizations in development communication


It took me a very long time to find the master’s programme that is fit for me. Maybe because I had the following criteria all set:

  • it has to be fully-online
  • it has to come from a respectable university
  • it has to be affordable

It has to be fully online because I work full time and I do love my current job that I didn’t want to give it up just so I can go back to school. That it has to come from a respectable university may be an understatement. That it has to be affordable is because I’m a Filipina Ilocana who believes in value for money.

It took me years to find a good programme et voila, I saw the University of the Philippines running Development Communication, and they’ve been running it for years. Such a shame that I did not know of it beforehand, otherwise, i would have signed up earlier.

And so in June of this year (2013), my development communication journey began.


Being a practising journalist for many years opened my eyes to many things and allowed me to discover many lands but I always felt that my knowledge in development is not enough. It is with the Introduction to Development Communication that I truly understood what the MDGs are all about and why we are stressing out to meet goals in 2015.

The millennium development goals. Source: UNDP

The millennium development goals. Source: UNDP

Other realizations included global wealth: how rich countries spend its money and how awfully rich the richest person can be.

The shocking truth about the rich and poor.

The shocking truth about the rich and poor.

One starts to think too simply: can’t they just share their money with the poorest people of the world? But of course, it can’t be that simple, otherwise, the problem would have been solved already.


The online platform that we use at the UPOU (called MyPortal) brims with intelligent and hardworking students. I am surprised at everything they know and all the knowledge they share! I am also grateful to have been a part of this group of students. They inspire me to remain up on my feet and makes me feel proud (and I don’t use that word a lot!) of them who continue to update themselves. I almost couldn’t keep up with the conversations because I receive updates of more than 100 a day! But I tried my best — on top of work, daily life and traveling (for work and pleasure!). This is such an energetic group that I wish we would graduate together.

I learned a lot about communication with them, technically and on the process itself. This quote might very well describe the relationship:



Shykh_Seraj_interviews_a_farmerI thought hard if I wanted a degree in development communication before I signed up because I thought well, it’s just like journalism, right? We all want the world to be a better place. Would I want a degree in something that is already familiar to me? Luckily, I took the plunge and now I realized that I couldn’t be more wrong in thinking that they are the same.

I would happy if I will be able to claim in a few more years that I have both degrees in journalism and development communication. As on student explained in the student fora, development communication is the raison d’etre of journalism.

I entered journalism because I want to do something good with what I know. Maybe it is true that this is the raison d’etre  of my honed skills in journalism, writing and communications — development journalism it is called. I look forward to practising it with an international non-profit when I graduate. Cross your fingers for me?

Flor, Alexander G.; Ongkiko, Ila Virginia. Introduction to Development Communication. 2006.
 DevC202 Student fora, UPOU My Portal.


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